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Horrible experience!!!!!!!!! Never ever go to this place and if you do, please do not be too early to let the manager cut your hair. This iraqi guy is violent and unprofessional. He was more attentive to my phone than to cutting my hair and doing his job, and he cut my ear!!! Then he claimed it was my fault that he cut my ear for being with my phone and distracting him. He said there was no blood and got really violent when I told him to pay attention and do his job right, to the point I ended up leaving the place with half of my haircut done and a bleeding ear. Don't go there, save yourself the trouble. The cheated rises dearly!!!
Juan Francisco Poveda August 26, 2020 Quelle
Rasierer Aufsätze werden nicht geputzt (Alles voll fremder Haare) Mir wurde bei einem Scheitelstrich dezent die Kopfhaut verletzt (hat geblutet!) Frisur sonst ok
Phantize Oktober 27, 2018 Quelle

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Charlotte Dethier Friseursalon